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QC Event School Graduate Spotlight: Ayla Otto
📣 Become a professionally certified #eventplanner / #weddingplanner in as little as 3-6 months with #QCEventSchool! 🎉🎊 Discover how QC's self-paced, online certification training helped QC Event School graduate and industry expert, Ayla Otto, take her #weddingplanning career to the NEXT level! 🚀👏🙌 Plus, Ayla reveals ALL the reasons why she recommends QC to aspiring AND working event/wedding planners everywhere! 🙏💚
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Meet QC Event School Graduate, Carisa Lockery!
Dream of a career as a professional #eventplanner / #weddingplanner? 🤩 Join #QCEventSchool graduate, Carisa Lockery, as she shares her success story & discusses: 💚 Why & how she pursued a career in this industry! 💚 How she discovered QC Event School & why she recommends QC's self-paced, online certification training! 💚 The triumphs & challenges of launching a business! 💚 The 2 #marketing strategies that've allowed her business to thrive! 💚 And SO much more! 👏🙌
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QC Event School Graduate Spotlight: Tyler Reid
Dream of a career as a professional #eventplanner / #weddingplanner? 🤩🎉 #QCEventSchool graduate, Tyler Reid, shares his story - and why he recommends QC's self-paced, online certification training! 🙌💚
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Choosing a Name for Your Event Planning Business
What's in a name? ✒️ Choosing a name for your #eventplanning business shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. After all, a great name can carry a business to success! 🪜 So, it deserves some serious contemplation! Yes, many of the business-greats have already claimed the punny names out there – but don’t lose hope! Today, we’re going to give you a rundown of everything you need to know about choosing the PERFECT name for your planning business! 👍🙌
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The QC Event School Master List of Blog Resources
Are you a brand-new student of #QCEventSchool - or thinking of enrolling? Maybe you’re a recent graduate and want to start your own event/wedding planning business… But aren’t sure where to begin or how to be successful? 🤔 One way or another, you've come to the right place! 🙌😁 From course-related topics to super specific career advice – our Master List of Blog Resources is YOUR one-stop-shop for all the info you need! 🤌
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How Much Should You Charge for Event Planning Services?
As an #eventplanner, charging clients for services is tricky – depending on the type of event, how many guests you’ll be working with, and how much work you’ll be doing, your compensation can change drastically. So, how much SHOULD you charge for your #eventplanning services? 🤔 Read on to find out! 🙂🙌
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10 of The WORST Wedding Decor Mistakes You Could Ever Make
Planning a #wedding can be a stressful experience. From the guest list, to the dress selection and venue choices, there's an awful lot to consider! 🤯 However, it's very important to keep in mind that one of the most crucial aspects of a successful wedding is the #decor. After all, it sets the tone for how guests will experience your event - so it's essential to get the details right! 🙏 Today, we're letting you in on 10 of the WORST #weddingdecor mistakes you NEED to avoid! 😱💍
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20 Terrible Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Event Planning Contract
As an #eventplanner, your #contract is one of the MOST important documents in your #business. 📄✅ Writing a solid #eventplanning contract ensures that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities. But there are certain mistakes you have to avoid when writing your contract, too... Now, we're warning you upfront: if you accidentally make any of the 20 #mistakes discussed in this article, it could have SERIOUS consequences for both you and your client! 😰😱
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20 Examples of Mistakes You Can Learn From as a Wedding Planner
We all make mistakes - that's just a part of what makes us human. 🙂 There WILL inevitably be times when you make blunders that could have been avoided. But the important thing is to take these mistakes, learn from them, and become a better #weddingplanning professional! 🙏 In this article, we'll take a look at 20 real examples of mistakes you can learn from as a #weddingplanner. This way, you can know what to avoid and make sure your business runs smoothly! 🙌🤞
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Event Decor: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional
If you're planning an event and trying to decide whether to DIY your own #decor or hire a professional, it can be overwhelming! 😰 On the one hand, DIY #eventdecor has the potential to save money... But on the other hand, hiring a professional could mean you get access to higher-quality materials and designs. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of #DIY event decor vs. hiring a professional #eventdecorator so YOU make the best decision for YOUR event! 👏🙌
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A Guide to Generating Revenue Through Email and SMS Campaigns
Are you an #eventplanner / #weddingplanner looking to make more money? 🤌 The answer may lie in #generatingrevenue through email and SMS campaigns! But what is #emailmarketing and #SMSmarketing - and how should you get started? 🤔 In this article, we'll provide a beginner's guide to email and SMS marketing so you can begin increasing your #businessrevenue today! 🙌👏
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20 Essential Event Planning Tips for Beginners
Trying to plan your own wedding, a party for someone you know, etc.? Then you likely know by now that planning an event can be overwhelming and stressful. After all, it requires a lot of time and patience to ensure things go smoothly. But don’t feel overwhelmed! 🤗 We've compiled 20 essential #eventplanning tips for beginners that will make the whole process easier than ever! 🙌🎉 So, let's take a look and see what they are, shall we? 🙂
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20 Tips for Working with Difficult Clients as an Event Planner
As a #weddingplanner / #eventplanner, it's important to know how to deal with difficult customers CORRECTLY. This way, you won't hurt your reputation or #eventplanning business!👍 In this blog post, we'll discuss 20 tips for working with #difficultclients - and 7 tips for avoiding them altogether! 👏
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How to Write an Event Proposal (with a Template and Tips)
As a professional #eventplanner, you know that writing an event proposal is one of the most important steps in the planning process! 👍 In this blog post, we break down how to write an #eventproposal from start to finish! 👏🙌 We'll also provide useful tips for making your proposal stand out from the competition AND give you an example template that you can use to write your own event proposal! 🎉
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QC Event School's Top 10 Blog Articles of 2022
In 2022, #QCEventSchool published countless articles that were informative, exciting, and eye-opening for those in the #events and #wedding industry. 👏 However, 10 of those blog articles really seemed to resonate with our readers the most. And with the New Year right around the corner, we thought, hey, why not take a look back at these specific articles and see why people loved them so much? So, here’s a breakdown of each article and what made it so popular! 🙌😁