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From the comforts of poutine and tourtière to the richness of foie gras, weekend brunch, and sweet maple treats, Québec City is a foodie’s heaven.
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Fine Dining Restaurants in Québec City
Looking for the best fine dining restaurants in Old Québec? Here is a selection of unique, and mostly chef-owned establishments you should add to your bucket list. 🍽🥂👌
11 New Restaurants You Need to Try
🥘🥙 Looking for cool places to eat in Québec City? Here are the must-try new restaurants. 🥟🍜
6 Foodie Outings to Try This Fall
Cozy comfort food just tastes better when the weather starts to cool off. Butternut squash soup, pumpkin cake, apple pie... stock up on fresh produce throughout the region. 🍏🥧🎃🤤
7 Best Restaurants in Saint-Sauveur
Planning on going to the Saint-Sauveur district? Make sure to stop at one of these restaurants! 🍽🍸😍
7 Unforgettable Foodie Experiences
Take your taste buds on a mouthwatering culinary journey in Québec City! 🍲🥞🫕🤤
Two-Day Food Itinerary with All the Best Eats
Looking for the perfect foodie weekend getaway? 🧀🥐🍷🥰
The 25 Best Restaurants in Québec City
The food culture in Québec City is on par with that of any major cities. 🍽 No matter what kind of food you like or what your budget is, you’ll be amazed with one of these great restaurants. 🥰
Québec City’s Best Picnic Spots
There’s nothing like sharing a meal outside with family or friends to make the most of the summer. What do you think? 🧺🥪🍉😎
Québec City Craft Breweries List
Cold beer calling your name? 🍺 Nose out the flavours and subtleties of different beers, knowing they’re all crafted with pride by local brewers. ❤️
9 New Restaurants You Need to Try
🥘🥙 Looking for cool places to eat in Québec City? Here are the must-try new restaurants. 🥟🍜
13 Best Terrace Restaurants in Québec City and Around
What better way to start a vacation than outdoor dining and drinking on a patio?! ☀️🍹😁
8 Snack Shacks to Satisfy Your Cravings
Snack shack season has begun! Treat yourself in one of these places that are absolutely worth visiting. 🍟🍔🌭🤤
50 Great Places to Eat and Drink Local in Québec City
Looking for the best places to drink and eat during your stay? 🍽 🍸Get our free guide listing the favorite restaurants of Québec City's locals. 😍
10 Ice Cream Spots in Québec City
In Québec, our winters are harsh. Ironically, when hot summer days come along, we generally feel the need… for frozen treats! 🍦🍨🤤
The Best Places to Buy Easter Chocolate in Québec City
Chocolate bunnies 🐇, hens 🐔 and eggs 🥚 are back in all chocolate and pastry shops of the region! 🤤