Put $1 in the jar every time you work out. Set a goal for yourself (say $100) then use that to treat yourself with a new outfit or a massage :). Such a good idea!

10 Healthy Tips To Change Your Life in 10 Seconds or Less

Put a dollar in a jar when you finish a work out. When you hit a goal amount treat yourself to a reward. (massage, new pair of jeans, etc.) Another awesome way to get motivated and get a reward at the same time!


Dog Raised By Cats

Funny pictures about Dog Raised By Cats. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Raised By Cats. Also, Dog Raised By Cats photos.

top 10 foods that burn belly fat- gotta remember these

Top 10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat the-archives workout-motivation healthy-diet weight-loss

just do it

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

The night before my dad died, I thought about giving him a hug, but decided I could always give him one tomorrow.tomorrow never came.we should never put off until tomorrow what we could get done today.you never know when there won't be a tomorrow.

Mental illness as illustrated monsters. Very cool.

Mental Illnesses Taking The Form Of Real Monsters

Disorders as real monsters. I love this idea. My anxiety and sleep disorder monsters are kinda cute. Art Print featuring Real Monsters- Anxiety by Zestydoesthings

The "Ultimate" Arms and Abs Workout

The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout

Single-Leg Dip - Upper-Body Makeover: The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout - Shape Magazine