Bunny Education

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an advertisement for the rabbit expo in vancouver
Planted Expo Here We Come!
Come visit our booth at the Planted Expo! And we could use another volunteer or two for Sunday to talk to people about the plight of the rabbits!
rabbits vaccinate clinic for ridiv2
Our latest vaccine clinic video is up on our YouTube channel. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe for more bun-related content.
a rabbit sitting in hay with the words rabbits top tips protecting your home on it
New video up on our YouTube channel, all about protecting your home and cables from your furry friends. Check it out now, and be sure to like and subscribe for more rabbit content!
a woman sitting at a table next to a white and black bunny with a drink
The Runner | Vancouver’s first bunny café is just one hop away
It’s happening soon!
a cat curled up in a zebra print blanket
These babies were found in a car engine. These two are the survivors, under the care of our volunteer, Brittanee, a vet tech.
two white rabbits sitting in the grass next to a rabbit crate and sign that says rabbits
What are rabbitats?
a rabbit is looking at the camera with its mouth open and it's name written in pink
Best4bunny (@Best4bunny) on X
How old is your bunny in human years?pic.twitter.com/xeGxaZosYM
a rabbit sitting on top of a pillow with the words 11 tips to keep rabbits in apartments
11 Tips to Keep Rabbits in a Small Apartment
a rabbit with the words rabbits are not easter toys on it's back side
Rabbits are not Easter toys!!
an easter bunny in a box with the words make a digging box for your bunny
5 Easy DIY Rabbit Toys (step-by-step instructions and pictures)
A step by step guide to make a digging box for your rabbit, along with other easy and cheap projects to make for your rabbit.
a poster with pictures of different plants and animals in the same area, including rabbits
Plants Safe for Rabbits
a poster with pictures of flowers and plants in pink, white, and black colors
Plants Toxic to Rabbits
a rabbit is running in the grass with it's front paws on its hind legs
Bunny Behaviour
Did you know rabbits binky when they are happy? They jump and twist their body in mid air, often in different directions. Sometimes instead of a full blown binky rabbits can do a quick head flick. Learn more about rabbit behaviour: actionforrabbits.co.uk/behaviour