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an image of some bunny ears and cakes
Support Bunnii on Ko-fi! ❤️
rabbits need you looking for volunteerers to help them get their food from the animals
Rabbitats needs your help! We're looking for volunteers (big or small, in person or virtual!) signup at www.rabbitats.org/volunteer
a rabbit sitting on top of a wooden table
Our latest volunteer spotlight is up now on YouTube!
a woman in a white dress is posing for the camera
Meet our Super Supporter Emma! Her video is up now on our YouTube channel!
rabbits'easter bunnyfest is on sale now
Bunnyfest 2022 At Lavenderland
We have a new video up of our Easter weekend at Lavenderland! Check it out now, on the Rabbitats YouTube channel!
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Thank you for your support on IG! #rabbitats
a rabbit sitting on top of a table next to a plate with food in it
Check out Stella's remarkable recovery from being unable to walk and eat, to now enjoying food with her fellow furry friends!
rabbit sitting on top of a rock with flowers in the background and text bunny calendar photoshoot
Watch our adorable bunnies star in the latest Rabbitats Calendar photoshoot on our YouTube channel. Pre-Order you calendar today at www.rabbitats.org
a woman sitting at a table next to a white and black bunny with a drink
Bunny cafe is coming!!!
two rabbits with bottles for bunnies in front of them and the words rabbits on it
Bottles for Bunnies! Do you have recyclable bottles? Want to save the earth AND be a Rabbitats bunnies hero? Simply save up your bottles and bring them in to the Richmond Auto Mall collection point (details in picture)
a magnet with a pig holding balloons on it's back in a plastic bag
We love adorable art, and sales from each magnet goes to a great cause. Rabbitats Rescue! You can purchase it in person at the New West Queen’s Park Art Gallery (now until May 2nd) where @yenlarts is showcasing her art. Or you can visit her website www.yenlarts.com to purchase directly from the artist, with proceeds going to Rabbitats.
an animal with balloons is shown in a white frame
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Isn't this artwork just the cutest! If you missed picking up Yen's Christmas bunny art, this is your chance to go and see it in person (and meet Yen too.) Proceeds from her art will be going towards Rabbitats Rescue Sanctuary. (What other excuse did you need to buy this adorable art for such a great cause!) www.yenlarts.com
an advertisement for bunny art in support of papiiaat, featuring a rabbit holding balloons
Buy art for a good cause! Yen from @yenlarts is supporting us again, with her gallery show at New West Queen’s Park Art Gallery. Go and see her art in person, or order online to support Rabbitats and local artists! (and get some gorgeous art or cute magnets to show!)
a rabbit sitting next to a bowl of food
An update on the little dwarf dumped at Garden City Park in Richmond with a box. He's a small intact adult, not a baby. We've named him Lil Naz after Rabbitats' supporters Narissa and Z who first spotted him. He will be moving to a medically-inclined foster home tomorrow. (Thanks Tracy!) 😘