I AM DYING! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! No offense Beliebers but I just thought this was really funny

I love justin bieber but this is really funny

DAMN! GREAT BRITAIN BROUGHT IT! Lol my boyfriend says shots fired all the time

Lol xD Its just the shotsfired bit!

The Justin Bieber Issue

The Justin Bieber Issue>>> someone should draw this Hetalia style.


Canadian Problems // This one's a big problem, too.ex: the thermometer says it's outside but with windchill it feels at least

Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada---I'm Canadian, this is to true, I apologize like 15 times when I bump into someone

Canadian Problems

Canadian Problems - Ah.my winter wardrobe woes.

Pain in the ass ! Canadian problems

Worst part of colouring Canadian maps in school

Canadian Problems - this particular one is my favorite.

Red Vancouver Olympic mittens, I swear almost everyone has a pair, & there are 2 styles.

that's you hulu, comedy central, nbc, cbs, abc, etc...  Lol That's why I married an American and moved to the states!!!

Canadian problem- I hate this sooo much- adjkf

Canadian Problems

Ottawa = Canada capital People always make this mistake!