Canada Day inspired Drink. Ice, Sprite, Cranberry juice. Could do similar with an Italian soda.

Canada Day inspired Drink: Ice, Sprite, Cranberry (or pomegranate) juice, strawberries.

15.  Something new from  I can buy all of the materials to make this lovely Canada Day Centrepiece at website:  Ball jars, Americana Decor chalk paint, and sculpey clay.  Easy peezy!  #ConsumerCrafts #SummerParty

Canada Day Centerpiece

Tutorial Tuesday: Canada Day Nails | Jamegackie

ProTip: cover yourself in Canadian flags for the ultimate Canada Day experience.

Indulge in delicious raspberry cheesecake — in frozen form! | 19 Recipes To Help You—And Your Tastebuds—Celebrate Canada Day

Indulge in delicious raspberry cheesecake — in frozen form!

Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles Creamy cheesecake and raspberry tartness in frozen form? Samoa Popsicles I LOVE s.

Maple Scented playdough perfect for Canada Day

Maple Scented Canada Day Playdough

Recipe for maple scented playdough and the trick to making homemade playdough without getting sore arms!