Cake Batter Milkshakes 3 ingredients - not counting the sprinkles - If you havent tried these yet then please do! They are so easy, its just ice cream, cake mix and milk. Blend and wahlah, a treat the whole fam loves.


Which to turkey bacon. Pigs do not have the necessary enzymes to rid the body of toxin ingested so these toxins are stored in the fat and liver of the animals. There's a reason the Bible listed the pig as an unclean animal.


Oooh I love these colors! Fresh, clean and delicate. Under the sea color inspiration

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50 Stunning Closet Designs

sheep in the English countryside

My "ram LOG" & his "ewe lamb" & a friend. Cute, fluffy white little very dumb animals. The Lord calls them the dumbest animal made for a reason . We need a shepherd to lead and protect us.