Top Eats - St Lawrence Market

The historic St. Lawrence Market isn't just one of the most famous markets in Toronto; Both tourists and locals w.

Figo Toronto - Adelaide and Peter - after Body BLitz?

Figo is an Italian-inspired restaurant but it doesn't entirely rest upon regional representation. While pizzas and pastas are plentiful, the menu embrac.

Mitzi's Cafe - Sorauren, North of Queen

On the quiet, tree-lined Sorauren Avenue, just north of Queen sits Mitzi's, a hugely popular cafe and brunch spot.

Fantail Toronto - Ronscesvalles

Fantail is a bakery and cafe in Roncesvalles with heavenly scents wafting from the kitchen.

portland variety toronto - king w and portland (body blitz?)

portland variety toronto - king w and portland (body blitz?

CHEAP EATS: The Dirtybird - Baldwin in Kensington

The Dirtybird Chicken and Waffles.

CHEAP EATS: The Dirty Bird - Kensington Market

The Dirty Bird is a newly opened chicken and waffle outfit in Kensington Market.

CHEAP EATS: Royales Luncheonette Toronto - Dundas before Dufferin

Royale's Luncheonette is a charming eatery on Dundas West that deals in daytime fare.

Hanmoto Toronto - Dundas W & Dovercourt

Hanmoto is a new destination for late night eats found just north of Dundas, west of Ossington.

Cock A Doodle Doo - Gluten Free bakery - Bloor and Shaw

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo is a gluten-free bakeshop specializing in pastries that are wheat-, nut-, dairy- and soy-free.

CHEAP EATS - Ottos Berlin Doner - Kensington Market

Otto's Berlin Doner is a sandwich shop in Kensington Market that specializes in German street foods.

Bobbie Sue's Toronto

Bobbie Sue's is Toronto's first all-mac and cheese eatery tucked away on Foxley just off Ossington in the compact space that was formerly Ph.

CHEAP EATS: Parkdale-Logas Corner-Dumplings (momos)

Loga's Corner in Parkdale's Little Tibet is a family-run operation that comprises a tiny takeout spot and a modest cafe a couple of d.

CHEAP EATS - tuckshop kitchen - Near farmhouse tavern - convenience store w sammies

TuckShop Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like - a small neighbourhood tuck shop and kitchen - specializing in made-with-care takeout sandwiches.