Invisible stitch to join crochet blocks tutorial

12 Ways to Join Granny Squares Invisible stitch to join crochet blocks tutorial.I wish I would have seen this before I finished my Granny square blanket

How to fix holes in jeans. I've had to throw away so many pairs of jeans due to holes until now!!!

Adventures in Dressmaking: Essential blue jean mending method--Tutorial! I wish I would've found this before I threw away my favorite pair of jeans :( Jones Jones Butterfield

How to hem jeans with original hem without cutting. Tried this: worked like a charm. What I like most about it is, if you don't cut off the excess, you can wear them 2 ways. Flipped out and it looks cuffed or flip the cuff under and it look like a normal hem, both looks are the same length.

So you're wondering how to hem jeans without cutting them, but you still want to use the original hem? Fear not - DIY jean hemming is act.


PHENTEX SLIPPER PATTERN, like my mom and grandmother made, but they used regular acrylic yarn. I started a pair with phentex, but found it hard to work with.