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AVRO Arrow on Feb. 2, 1959

A delta-winged interceptor aircraft that was the pride of Avro and Canada. Introduced on 4 October It may have been capable of Mach Mysteriously cancelled 20 February 1959 under much controversy and put Avro out of business.



Le 22 juin 2013, à Calgary (Alberta), une équipe de recherche et sauvetage de Comox (Colombie-Britannique) évacue les sinistrés hébergés au William Watson Lodge, situé dans le parc provincial Peter Lougheed, dans le cadre de l’opération Lentus. PHOTO : Caporal-chef Patrick Blanchard

The Canadian Armed Forces is currently trialing an adjustment of response times to better align with the hours and days during which SAR incidents are most likely to occur.