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CROSSROADS (An Adventure Time Fanfiction) - Candy Secrets Tags: Adventure Time Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum Marceline Flame Princess Finn Mertens The Human Jake The Dog Fionna and Cake The Cat Gumball Marshall Lee Ice King

OPJD - obsessive Percy Jackson disorder

OPJD - obsessive Percy Jackson disorder << At first I thought that it was a joke because they're all dyslexic. (PJOD - Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disorder)

Perhaps I'm really a character in Doctor Who, and I am really the companion, but every adventure I go on Moffat decides he doesn't like it...

and then we write books and what if the characters in there are real too, living their own lives. and what if the people who are writing about us are also just characters in books. and holy inception

Only PJ fans will get this XD

Only PJ fans will get this XD <<what If on percabeths wedding day Leo being Leo got Percy a guinny pig after Annabeth told him about their adventures in the sea of monsters and he gives it to Percy like this