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kambriel: “ ~Il Sommo Poeta~ Evoking a sense of timeless mystery, and everyday magic… Neil Gaiman photographer: DividingMe wardrobe/styling: Kambriel Design shown: Black Wool Wrap by Kambriel This.

fuckyeahsandman: “ (fuckyeahdelirium) ”

Sandman's Endless Delirium in a moment of rare reflection for her. hinting that she has memories of things that others have forgotten (one of the reasons she lost her mind and turned into Delirium?

Delirium / The Sandman / Neil Gaiman

Delirium is actually very sweet if a bit childish. She can make your dreams come true, or, if you piss her off, you'll see spiders crawling all over you until you die. - The Sandman / Neil Gaiman