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More words to live by .... #springsteen Beautiful Lyrics from a Beautiful Song !

Some lyrics from one of my favourites, If I Should Fall Behind from Lucky Town My personal fav version is from the Live in Dublin album, something about the way the Seeger Sessions band plays it together is very special.

Don’t die before you are dead – Rachel Wolchin

Balance is important no matter what you do in life. I absolutely love to cook and I love food, all food, from anywhere. I love to indulge and that means I sometimes have to sacrifice healthiness.

excerpt from lyrics of Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen)

were going to get to that place, where we really want to go for that walk in the sun. cause tramps like us. baby we were born to run. I L O V E W O R D S,L I V E L A U G H L O V E,l o v e & l u s t,Quotes & Thi