Holiday baking traditions: Tourtière | Réveillon! What would the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve feasts in Canada – Réveillon – be without tourtière, the classic meat pie beloved of Quebeçois and French-Canadians everywhere?

Holiday baking traditions: Tourtière

Tourtiere holiday meat pie - nothing beats a homemade tourtiere. Some of the spices are different then what I use. Make mini ones if you have leftover pie dough and meat in a muffin pan, we bring those to work for lunch.

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The most delicious Tourtière recipe! I like to have a few of these savory meat pies in the freezer for those days you just don’t have time to cook.

Succulente tourtière traditionnelle !

Succulente tourtière traditionnelle !

Christmas Tourtiere Recipe

Christmas Tourtiere

A traditional French-Canadian meat pie, accented with sweet spices and served on Christmas Eve.