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Royce's  1st pink

Royce's 1st pink

Donald Trump DESTROYED By President Obama - YouTube

Celebrites and journalists unite at the anniversary of the White House Correspondant's Dinner at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D. on May (REUTERS/AP)

How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace - YouTube

The Power of The Mini Arc Furnace A makeshift arc reaction chamber. Small enough to sit on the desktop, but powerful enough to melt steel, in under 2 minutes.

How to Multiply - YouTube

Your kids are going to love this (and you too) How to multiply by drawing lines. This is a Japanese trick. Multiplication using a simple visual lines diagram technique. Perfect to help anyone struggling with arithmetic.

fastest.MP4 if you think you can fillet fish fast check this - YouTube

if you think you can fillet fish fast check this

prawn fishing on the watchman - YouTube

The "Extra Deckhand" All-in-One combination machine coiling crab pot rope warp during commercial fishing field tests in Southeast Alaska.

pelton turbine - YouTube

is Our pelton turbine in Iceland! Would power about 375 American homes or around 700 European homes. The elevation difference is 237 me.