The Blue Hour - Tommy Eliassen (Norway)

“The Blue Hour”, Tommy Eliassen (Norway). Out Of This World: Magnificent Entries For The UK Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2017

A Battle We Are Losing - Haitong Yu (China)

© Haitong Yu - The Milky Way rises ominously above a small radio telescope from a large array at Miyun Station, National Astronomical Observatory of China, in the suburbs of Beijing.

Ghostly Sun - Michael Wilkinson (UK)

Michael Wilkinson (UK) with Ghostly Sun (Highly Commended) - Michael Wilkinson

Orion’s Gaseous Nebula - Sebastien Grech (UK)

Sebastien Grech (UK – aged with Orion’s Gaseous Nebula (Highly Commended) - Sebastien Grech