Harvest 2015

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grapes are growing on the vine in an outdoor vineyard area with dirt and grass around them
green vines growing on the side of a fence in an open area with grass and trees
Our vineyard is officially in full bloom! #VQAwine
some green leaves and buds on a tree
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#RavineRow27 continuing to bloom into the flower stage #CabernetFranc #RavineVineyard #Harvest2015
green leaves growing on the side of a chain link fence
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#RavineRow27 in the early Flower Stage #RavineVineyard #Harvest2015 #CabernetFranc
a man standing on top of a wooden fence next to a field filled with grass
pruning our Cabernet Franc vines on #RavineRow27
a wooden pole with barbed wire around it
We're following our Cabernet Franc row #27 all year through harvest 2015 and vineyard processes.
a close up view of a tree with buds in the foreground and other trees in the background
Bud Break on our Cabernet Franc #RavineRow27 #ONwine #Vqa
the branch of a tree that has been pruned to budge in spring
Bud Break on our Cabernet Franc #RavineRow27 #ONwine #Vqa