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Calorie needs for horses in various work load as well as calories per pound of various feeds. I so need this.

Have you noticed your usually hearty eater has become grumpy at dinner time? Maybe pinning his ears? Eating slower or not at all? Has your horse started swishing his tail or moving around when you.

Solar heated and insulated stock tank  version 2

plans to build a solar heated and well insulated horse/stock watering tank to eliminate the need for tank heaters.

Blood sucking horse flies are starting to show up again, this is how you protect your livestock and yourself from these bitting flies

you'll need to give serious thought to eliminate horse flies as soon as possible that is why I'm going to show you how to get rid of horse flies and this will

Solar heated stock tank in Minnesota gets through tough winters.

Its the time of year to think about doing a solar heated stock tank that will save a lot of ice breaking and electricity for tank heaters ov.

10 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Horse - basic tricks that can lead to more complicated tricks.

Most tricks, even the complicated ones, start with a simple trick or are made up of several simple tricks joined together. So just teach your horse the 10 super simple tricks below and you can use …

Graze Anatomy: Handling horses on a small acreage - Features -

Keeping horses on limited acreage takes knowledge, guile, and cunning to keep your equines happy.