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red and orange flowers in the middle of a garden
Heuchera – Auntie Dogma's Garden Spot
Coral Bells, (Heuchera) 'Peach Crisp' , shade, semi-shade perennial. Bought 2014 South house border.....'Georgia Peach'
a large pot filled with lots of different types of flowers next to a street sign
Commercial Planters | Self-Watering, Durable, Extra Large | EarthPlanter
The EarthPlanter Difference Planters add incredible beauty and life to any commercial landscape project, they also require a significant investment of your time and budgets. And since they can last a decade or more, getting it right the first time is essential. That’s why at EarthPlanter you’ll always deal directly with company ownership who will
some very pretty green and red plants in the dirt
Dryopteris lepidopoda - Sunset Fern, evergreen.
an orange and white plant with frost on it
BUCKTHORN, SEA (Hippophae rhamnoides) Pictures
Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) MED Sambucus Black lace! Eller Black tower!!! deciduous thorny shrub, excellent by the sea. Slender silvery leaves, masses of persistent orange-yellow berries in autumn by female plants (they will need a male pollinator to produce berries) which stay on the bush all winter. Berries high in vitamin C and can be used in marmalade. Can be very invasive if planted on or near sand dunes. zone 3a - 7b
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers
The Boltons
Luciano Giubbilei - Dixter
a garden filled with lots of green plants
Phlomis, Verbascum, a veil of grasses and golden privet.