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two swans swimming in a pond surrounded by tall grass
Swans in the marsh! Graced by the presence of Brigid. #morningwalk #30daysofbrigid
the words dream goddess writings blog and amptues are in white on a blue background
Dream Goddess Writings Blog & Studies
Dream Goddess Writings Blog & Studies
a person holding a lit candle in their hand
Hold a Solitary Goddess Ritual for Yule, the Winter Solstice
If you're a solitary practitioner, but still wish to hold a goddess-themed ritual for the winter solstice, this rite can be done by a single person.
several bundles of christmas greenery sitting on top of a table
Winter Solstice: Crafting smudge wands from evergreens is a great way to make your house smell fragrant during the #Winter #Solstice.
an image of a woman with a crown on her head standing next to a statue
Goddess Lucina
Lucina themes are banishing, kindness, charity, health and protection. Her symbols are candles (light sources). Lucina means light, and judging by Her description and attributes, it is very likely that this Swedish Goddess was the prototype for Saint Lucy. Lucina is a mother and guardian, offering fertility, protection, and well-being. In worship, Lucina is often represented by a simple, lit candle.
a painting of a woman holding a ball in her hand and surrounded by other people
Lucina is a Roman Goddess of light and worshipped as a Lunar and Solar Goddess - Goddess Central
a painting of a woman holding a wand in her hand and walking through the woods
Happy Winter Solstice!
freya norse goddess | Freya, the Great Mother Goddess, the rule of Life and Death. Without ...