Cindy's Favorite Homeschooling Products - Artist and Composer Study

"Picasso: Soul on Fire", Rick Jacobson (illustrated by Laura Fernández and Rick Jacobson) 2004

Partially accurate, this loving story of Picasso and his cat Minou shows us where the famous painter gathered his inspirationthe critical cat that either loved or hated his paintings, and was the cause of Picassos rise to fame.

Just Behave, Pablo Picasso! by Jonah Winter

The Golden Braid: The Symbiotic Nature of the Universe by Gerard Capriulo, professor of Marine Biology, and who, sadly, passed away in

Paris in the Spring with Picasso - Kids Travel Books

Lumpito and the Painter from Spain by Monica Kulling, Pajama Press edition,

Here is the fascinating story -- based on true fact -- of a world-famous artist and a little girl who became one of his models. Sylvette first met Picasso in when she was a girl in the southern

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