Inanna Fall 2015 Titles

Our new list of excellent fall books...keep an eye out!
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Must-read books of 2015: "Between the Cracks She Fell" by Lisa de Nikolits:  Between the Cracks She Fell is about a woman who falls off the grid and the explosive consequences of betrayal, survival in troubled times, and the pervasiveness of religious domination. $22.95

PUYB Virtual Book Club Chats with Lisa de Nikolits, author of Between The Cracks She Fell

"Here Comes the Dreamer" - a novella by Carole Giangrande. Alastair Luce is a dreamer, one of three who tell this tale. A Canadian expat living in a 1950s New York City suburb, he's an artist, a quiet man who fears atomic holocaust, drinks too much and worries about his suffering child, Grace. Claire, a neighbour, is the second voice in this unique novella, and Grace picks up the story as the third. All three are bound together by their history, as a crisis draws their lives to a climax…

Here Comes the Dreamer by Carole Giangrande (Inanna Publications)

"The Homes We Build on Ashes" - a novel by Christina Park: God-fearing Nara Lee carries a painful secret and a corrosive guilt. Set against an historical backdrop when Korea was a colony and citizenry was rendered impotent, Nara’s life is forged in the 1919 March First Movement. Her journey takes her from her ancestral home to an insidious orphanage to a forced-labour factory during the Japanese Occupation, to Vancouver, then home again, a dangerous trek that will test her to her core…

The Homes We Build on Ashes by Christina Park (Inanna Publications)

"Amity" - Nasreen Pejvack: A window to the wreckage caused by war, leaving behind destruction, displacement, pain and struggle. This is a story about Yugoslavia’s dissolution and Iran’s revolution. Payvand, an Iranian refugee and activist, meets Ragusa, a Yugoslavian refugee who is ready to walk into the water and end her life. The two women form a strong bond as Payvand listens to Ragusa’s story and Ragusa decides to stay alive long enough to hear Payvand’s story. $22.95

Amity by Nasreen Pevjack (Inanna Publications)

"Calls Across the Pacific" - Zoë S. Roy: Amid the Cultural Revolution, Nina Huang sneaks across the bay by boat to Hong Kong where she is granted political asylum in the U.S.A.  Later, as a journalist, she interviews and records her contemporaries' experiences of life in China for a western audience. However, as an escaped citizen who has returned with an American passport, Nina puts herself in dangerous situations and finds herself needing to flee from the red terror once again. $22.95

"Calls Across the Pacific is undeniably critical as part of this larger archive of Chinese North American transnational narratives that reveal the intricate nature of ethnic diasporas.