Sarah Romain-Fournie

Sarah Romain-Fournie

Sarah Romain-Fournie
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Artwork 8

Artwork 8

diamond twist

If you are looking for the perfect cement tile backsplash, look no further. Our Moroccan Encaustic Cement Diamon Twist Tile delivers a beautiful and modern look

LOVE LOVE LOVE comes in different sizes for scale barcelona 2 – Cle Tile

barcelona 2 is the geometrically patterned coordinate of the two simplistic, yet charmed, patterns inspired by tiles found in the undulating home of Antoni Gaudí's - Casa Batlló - in Barcelona.

peabody 8"x8" stock – Cle Tile

a classic circle pattern indulged with a centered cross is hard to resist when searching for a traditional cement tile pattern with a twist. our peabody pattern

big al – Cle Tile

we took our very popular alhambra pattern and amplified it into this larger form of the same design. inspired by the grand palace located in Granada Spain, big al, takes this classic arabesque motif a

CEMENT TILE - jacobson 8"x8" – Cle Tile

there is a thread that runs through all that san francisco artist erica tanov does, whether it's her women's wear collect