30 Fun Ideas For Summer! Kids will love these and you will feel like a cool parent.

Fun Summer Ideas For Activities


Snow in the north vs. the south. Thing is.this is totally true. On the other side of my town they got inch of snow and they got the day off.

Need to do this!

Funny pictures about Canadian beer pong. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian beer pong. Also, Canadian beer pong.

Canadian Problems - haven't had bagged milk in years, but I certainly remember it

karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.

That is SO cool! Oh my goodness!!!

Meanwhile in Canada - Maple leaf shaped maple tree - Memes Comix Funny Pix

A whole new ball game

Canadian Problems // This one's a big problem, too.ex: the thermometer says it's outside but with windchill it feels at least