Peace Activity

Peaceful or not peaceful activity. First or second grade classroom guidance. Pair with The Peace Book by Todd Parr, Martin's Big Words, or We Are All Born Free. Timely all year but especially International Peace Day (September), or MLK Day (January).

Nice wee activity in relation to Remembrance - children were told the story of how the war ended on the day, month on the hour and there was peace. Provoked them to think about what helps us find peace.

Proud to be Primary Peace Perfect for the beginning of the year or November.

Peace & Remembering - Activities for Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day. Includes a peace poetry writing freebie and poppy field painting.

REMEMBRANCE DAY (CANADA) - A TRIBUTE UNIT FOR NOV. 11TH (LITERACY MATH ART)| by Leslie Hope                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Remembrance Day (Canada) - A Tribute Unit for Nov. 11th (Literacy Math Art)