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someone is working on some fabric with scissors
"Eaton Edge" Doris Eaton demonstrates her method for finishing a hand hooked rug.
In this video, Doris Eatondemonstrates how to finish a rug using her method called the "Eaton Edge." This is an easy and efficient way to finish a hooked piece. Eaton is the author of "A Lifetime of Rug Hooking." (Thanks to Heather Horsfall for the footage.)
two circular crocheted doily designs on white paper with words that read,'cross your millic flows '
An Intro to Rug Hooking for Beginners
Rug hooking Introduction for beginners
someone is cutting fabric with scissors on the table
Doris Eaton Demonstrates the "Eaton Edge" (for finishing a hooked rug)
The Doris "Eaton Method" of finishing a hooked rug.
the number of different types of wool samples is shown in this chart, which shows how long each sample has been
**For those who want to know what each numbered cut strip size means: WOOL STRIPS cut from size #3 up to size #10 and what their "actual measurement size" is!!
three pieces of cloth sitting on top of a wooden table
How to use a value finder to choose rug hooking wool
How to choose the right values of wool for a project.
a small piece of cloth in a white bowl
Repurposed Wool Series Part 4: Is It 100% Wool ?
How to tell if it is 100% Wool.
an old manual showing how to make a table saw
several cans and cans of canned food on a table with a rug in the middle
Gene Shepherd's Internet Rug Camp
Tracing a pattern onto clear plastic, then trace it onto backing (Gene Shepherd).
a woman is standing in front of a red rug with flowers and butterflies on it
Deanne Fitzpatrick's Hooking Rugs Blog
Rug Hooking 101: A How to Guide for Beginner Rug Hookers by Deanne Fitzpatrick
the sign up for our free rug hooking guide
Free Guide to Rug Hooking, "Make Something Beautiful!" (Deanne Fitzpatrick)
how to draw anime hair for beginners step by step drawing instructions and video guide
The World's Largest Anime Collection - Crunchyroll
How to draw hair
a woman holding a toothbrush in her hands
Jane Halliwell Green teaches how to pixelate
Jane Halliwell Green teaches how to pixelate (for wall hangings, not recommended for floor rugs)
a person is sewing on a multicolored piece of fabric with their fingers and thumb
Binding a Round Hooked Rug or Chairpad
Binding a round hooked rug tutorial - Primitives by the light of the moon blog
a close up of a piece of art made out of beads and fabric with an image of a tree on it
Hooking a natural sky: Step 1
Hooking a Natural Sky step by step (Cindi Gay)
there are many fabrics on display in the store
If you need hand-dyed wool matched in exactly a certain color, mail a sample to Janice Lee at Black Horse Antiques and Rug Hooking and she'll make it happen! She's amazing, and she has hundreds of rug patterns, too.