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a bedroom with a bed, dresser and chandelier
a collage of black and white decor with zebra print
a bed with an electric guitar on top of it and pictures above the headboard
𝓭 ♱
a bedroom with wood floors and white walls has a large rug on the floor next to the bed
two chairs with black and white spots on them sitting in the middle of a room
cow print chairs #chairs #decor
a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor on top of a hard wood floor
My makeup corner
a bedroom with pink walls, black and white rugs, chandelier and pictures on the wall
a bedroom with zebra print rugs and pictures on the wall above the bedspread
The Lusher Bedroom Life
a bed with white sheets, pillows and a fan on the wall above it's headboard
a bed room with a neatly made bed and lights
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a room filled with lots of clothes and a chandelier
a bedroom with a canopy bed and lots of furniture
Cleolinda everywhere