A list of positive affirmations to help you in all areas of your life.

Use positive affirmations to help with all aspects of life. A handy list of affirmations including weight loss affirmations.

Learn about Most Benevolent prayers. Wonderful short prayers for every occasion.

Learn how to pray using benevolent outcome prayers. Create your own benevolent outcomes.

The mind, body spirit connection

One cannot separate mind and body. They are linked. Mindful healing means you concentrate on the parts of your body that needs healing with your mind. Wherever mind is focused, healing energy automatically goes there.

Self healing

A list of tools to aid you in self healing. Spiritual healing and the mind body connection.

Reconnecting mind, body and spirit. Lots of info on chakras, colors, healthy food and much more.

Reconnecting mind body spirit by nourishing the body with clean, healthy food, the mind through spiritual growth and the planet through a raised consciousness and spiritual awakening.

How to pray for greater prosperity.

This book explains the process of requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome (for the highest good of all concerned) from your Angels. A powerful process.

Journal writing for personal development.

Journal writing is a wonderful tool for self healing and personal growth. Journaling can contribute in many ways to your personal development.