blahblahshaw:  bitchesinbreeches:  RCMP Musical Ride Submitted by imjustanassholeandthatsaboutit OMG i love this photograph! thank you so mu...

blahblahshaw: “bitchesinbreeches: “ RCMP Musical Ride Submitted by imjustanassholeandthatsaboutit OMG i love this photograph! thank you so much for submitting it ” RCMP!

RCMP Musical Ride by Rachelle Hodgins

Tonight was the RCMP Musical Ride in Biggar.beautiful weather, big crowd, great friends and cotton candy (.

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Rcmp Retirement Cake: Red Serge, Stetson, Gloves & Badge Red Serge and Stetson are both vanilla cake and vanilla frosting covered with.


Join us for the spectacle known around the world—The RCMP Musical Ride! This summer, Lower Fort Garry plays host to the precision and pageantry of Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).