Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

A plane that exceeded all expectations. The program was mysteriously cancelled by the Canadian government and all aircraft were destroyed.

Arrow rendering - Canada's CF-105 Avro Arrow

Canada's Avro Arrow_What should've been_If Gov were not cowards

Avro Arrow: A 1950's Canadian supersonic all-weather interceptor that was way ahead of its time.. Its design and look were a radical departure from what existed at the time.. First to be designed by digital computers and had major parts CNC milled.. First fly-by-wire with force-feedback.. First high-wing design (copied on the F-15, F-22, Su-27, MiG-29, MiG 25 etc.).. First by-pass engine design.. and much more.. See the complete list after the jump..

Avro Arrow: A Canadian supersonic all-weather interceptor that was way ahead of its time.

Avro CF-105 Arrow (1959) Look at how big it was in comparison with the people! This aircraft was so advanced there was a lot of politics from America and here in Canada. The project was scrapped. Many of the engineers found jobs with NASA and Northrop and others. Alas! what might have been.

Avro Arrow: Lost models draw Arrowheads to search lake relentlessly

A crowd surrounds the Avro Arrow in a photo taken before the Canadian government abruptly ended the project and ordered the built planes destroyed.

1957 Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

The Avro Arrow shown in flight in 1958 was designed to defend Canada against bomber attacks from the Soviet Union.

- NO THE AMERICANS did not kill this Canadian project....we followed the British lead on aerospace doctrine! In fact even the US was influenced by the British dogma and removed guns from the US fighters...only to deeply regret this. NACA picked up ALL the Avro engineers and WENT TO THE MOON, Canada? oh well...!

vs The Arrow was way ahead of its time, but frankly. A contemporary re-design of the Arrow would have little in common with its "parent".

AVRO Arrow

The cancelled Avro Canada Arrow, Canada’s first and only indigenous supersonic interceptor.

National Post September 10, 2012 Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to F-35 stealth fighter jets

National Post September 2012 Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to stealth fighter jets

Avro Canada CF-105's, a type before it's time, like the BAC TSR.2 and the Lockheed SR-71.

Two Arrows on the tarmac during flight testing circa 1958 to 1959 x

AVRO Arrow - RL 201.

Construction Progresses On Airworthy, Reduced Scale Avro Arrow Replica [Video]

Avro Arrow

The Avro Arrow was scrapped in 1959 after its development was cancelled by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. One-eighth scale models used in its development were fired over Lake Ontario.