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an empty room with shelves and lights on either side of the wall is lit by recessed lighting
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two people are standing in an office with glass walls and plants on the wall behind them
Diageo Offices - Singapore | Office Snapshots
Variation to learning spaces // Floating wall for planning // group work spaces, meetings, planning, assessment
an office with sliding glass doors leading to the meeting room and desks in the background
First Sentier Investors - THERE Building Brands & The Environments That Bring Them To Life -
two women are sitting on the stairs in an office
Edelman_013 | Office Snapshots
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two people are sitting in an office lobby
Community-oriented Skender Construction Offices by Perkins+Will created to inspire collaboration
Community-oriented Skender Construction Offices by Perkins+Will created to inspire collaboration
an empty room with tables and chairs in front of the wall divider partitions
Digital Entity Workspace / deamicisarchitetti
Built by deamicisarchitetti in Milan, Italy with date 2015. Images by Gabriele Leo. The project is characterized by a continuous sequences of different settings that, dissolving the corridor presence, ...
three people are sitting in an office with white walls and orange accents on the ceiling
QBE-01 | Office Snapshots
QBE Insurance Offices - Melbourne - Office Snapshots
a woman standing next to a whiteboard in an office
Vitra | Amorepacific, 21st Floor
Vitra | Amorepacific, 21st Floor
a woman sitting on a chair in the middle of a room with glass partitions
Workplace One Offices | Office Design | Flexible Workspace | Spacestor
Workplace One is a co-working office space that has redefined the way people interact, collaborate and network by creating a platform for start up businesses to work alongside one another. Working with Straticom Planning, this new office environment was designed with connection and productivity at its core. Providing bright and airy coworking offices in Toronto, this stunning office design features a great use of flexible workspace, biophilia and lighting.
an office lobby with plants growing on the walls and furniture in the center, along with large windows
Spacestor Design Centre - New York City | Office Snapshots
an office with wooden partitions and plants in the center, along with large windows
The finishing touches on First Sentier Investors’ Barangaroo office | IndesignLive
an office space with couches, chairs and tables
A Portland-Based Office That Colorfully Merges Co-Working and Solo Workspaces
an open office with desks, chairs and plants in the middle of the room
Interior Design - Ward Robinson Design
an office lobby with wood paneling and plants
4 Firms Elevating the Workplace Design Game - Interior Design
Appropriately, a former residence has been transformed into the property developer’s office, reception’s tinted-acrylic screens and sculptural PVD-coated stainless-steel stairway also supporting the company’s frequent entertaining.