The Cast

The Young and the Restless Updates: Kelly Fakes Death, Thanks To .


The Young and the Restless Photos: Christian Jules LeBlanc and Billy Miller

Y & R

YandR isn't exactly young, considering its turning 42 this week, but it certainly boasts some very restless characters who've brought new meaning to the word affair.

Victoria & Stitch

The Young and the Restless Spoilers September Stitch Tells Victoria Big Secret - Police Hunt Phyllis - Michael's Doctor


Shemar is so sexy. And the way he says babygirl to Penelope on Criminal Minds makes my heart explode.

Sharon & Nick

Still liked these two together better than anybody--Nick and Sharon Newman, The Young and Restless.


Doug Davidson aka Paul Williams Children : Heather Stevens, Ricky Williams ( deceased) and Dylan McAvoy.

Lauren & Jill

The Young and the Restless Photos: Lauren Fenmore Baldwin & Jill Foster Fenmore