A Clear Midnight

Searching for Love by Spencer Black This is the annual Blue Ghost firefly show that takes place near Brevard, North Carolina. The Blue Ghost firefly is unique because it stays lit and only hovers about a foot off the ground.

A More Refined Class

Werner Knaupp chose the deep and wild sea to emulate in his mysterious paintings. Using thick layers of acrylics, his work is intense, and beautiful. Werner Knaupp was born in 1936 and lives in Nürnberg, Germany.

epic classical music, vol. 2

epic classical music, vol.

epic classical music

is Radio, rediscovered - epic classical music () by eodettel

Ballade Tragique

Ballade Tragique

the truth beneath the rose

is Radio, rediscovered - the truth beneath the rose () by theredknight

Don't be affraid of the classical music!

Very unique and rare tattoo design. All piano notes on left side ribs! This tat would perfectly fit to music lover or especially piano lover body.