<3 being Canadian!!!

Welcome to Canada

Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey.If you are calling Canada and all lines are busy, we are watching the hockey game. Call us back later.

In Canada

Meanwhile in Canada. likes · talking about this. Looking at the lighter side of life in Canada and Canadian politics.

meanwhile in canada....

Meanwhile in Canada.I actually watched a guy leave his car at the pump and walk next door to Timmies .

Meanwhile in Canada ! :D

Hospital Visitor FAIL - I suspect the guy is going to pee his pants in about 2 seconds

Hockey Night In Canada

Hockey Night In Canada- Growing up with four pretty young girls and I'll tell you ,if there was a game on, especially Toronto, guess who won?


Canadians (proper noun) - Americans who dodged the draft and were too cowardly to fight for freedom during the American revolution. Don't mess with me canadians!