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an outdoor market with boxes under a white tent and the words 10 ways to prevent people from stealing at a craft show
10 Ways to Prevent People from Stealing at a Craft Show
an outdoor market with the words things shoppers don't want to see in a craft show booth
Things Shoppers Don't Want to See in a Craft Show Booth
an assortment of framed art on display under a tent
DIY Folding Frame Display Wall for Vendor Booths - Table and Hearth
a camera with the words how to photograph your art like a pro
The Beginners Guide To Photographing Art Like A Pro | Creative Founders
an outdoor booth with pictures and plants on it
DIY Folding Frame Display Wall for Vendor Booths - Table and Hearth
a wooden shelf filled with lots of books on wheels next to a white wall behind it
Muebles de almacenaje
Muebles de almacenaje
there are many pictures on display at the table with cards and other items in front of them
Everything I bring to an Art Show
I recently wrote How to make a good art show display and that blog I talked about limiting what you bring to show so that you don't over pack and end up making 20 trips between your car and your booth in 90 degree heat - yes I've learned from experience. But since I went over the idea of not taking to much I wanted to give you an idea of what is good to take by showing you what I bring to a show. So here is a list of items that I bring to shows so that I have all that I need but also don't carry
three eases with paintings on them sitting next to each other in front of a building
Lavender Festival & Two Dollar Shutter Easels
the wrong crafting pricing formula
How to Price Crafts to Sell
what vendors should wear to craft shows so sell more than you can buy them at the market
What to Wear to a Craft Fair to Boost Sales - Made Urban
people walking around in the grass at an art fair with text overlay how to prevent thief at a craft fair
How to Prevent Theft at a Craft Fair
a person holding up a frame with the words she paid $ 1 for this frame, but watch what she does with it - i can't wait to try
She Paid $1 For This Frame, But Watch What She Does With It - I Can't Wait To Try!