Tapestry Table

Tapestry Table-large, blunt tapestry needles and yarn to create designs. This is a perfect way to have a stable canvas for such art--replacing the top of a coffee table with burlap.

26 Tin Can Crafts  Activities For Kids!

26 Tin Can Crafts & Activities For Kids

EMMA AND HOLLY. use some of your formula tins for craft with the kids! What to do with a Tin Can? 26 Tin Can Activities, Music & Crafts for Kids!

Provocation, "What Letters Can You Make With Wire?" (from Wonders in Kindergarten, Ana Marie Ralph on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBItSCLJH2J/?taken-by=anamariaralph)

This can be used as a build a word option on literacy menus"What Words Can You Make With." Switch out the materials every 2 weeks.