Rebecca Kent

Rebecca Kent

I am currently a teacher candidate who is hoping to grow my understanding of 21st Century Literacies and how they can be incorporated into the classroom.
Rebecca Kent
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Music is one of the magical things that can bring together nations. People all over the world find pleasure and enjoyment in listening to music.

4 steps to teaching students how to evaluate the quality of online information from educator Julie Coiro.

Educator Julie Coiro examines 4 critical thinking disciplines for helping middle and high school students evaluate the quality of the information they read online.

Go Global: Global Connectedness and Global Citizenship Education

Definitions of Global Connectedness, Global technology, and Global Citizenship Education. Picture is a possible poster, handout for classroom/students.

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These 3 TED Talks discuss how Global Citizenship Is a century skill and can be an effective technological tool to use to introduce key concepts of global literacy to my students

Middle School Digital Citizenship lessons

Middle School Digital Citizenship lessons can provide clarity.Videos are effective tools that use multiple effects to convey a message. This video provides clear lessons to achieve Digital Citizenship.