Project lunchbox: 30 days of homemade lunch

Project Lunchbox: 30 days of homemade, unprocessed, healthy lunches. Has a link to a PDF that includes all the meals. Because teachers need to eat a good school lunch, too!

Lunch in ice cube trays; cheese cubes, cucumber, corn, blueberries, cheddar bunnies, strawberries, edamame, pretzels, peas, organic cheese puffs, raisins, meatballs, vanilla bear cookies, and raspberries.

toddler lunch using ice cube tray.have a picky toddler? Feed them lunch in an ice cube tray.

Pizza muffins

Wicked-Good Pizza Muffins

Wicked-Good Pizza Muffins These calcium-rich muffins freeze well, can be packed in a lunch box straight from the freezer and will thaw by recess.

Lunch meat sushi for packed for lunch with @EasyLunchboxes

What The Girls Are Having.lunch meat sushi: turkey wrapped around bell pepper strips and string cheese.

Honey Ricotta Fondue with fruit dippers

Honey Ricotta Fondue with Fruit Dippers

Inside-Out sandwich wands

Love this fun idea for making inside out sandwich wands using roast turkey, cream cheese, dried cranberries and bread sticks. What a clever idea to use thin strips of fruit leathers to tie the sandwich wand wraps together.