Wire CD racks hold food storage container lids. Great idea!

Month-By-Month Storage Plan

Organize Tupperware with CD racks Use wire CD racks to organise your tupperware lids. You need to find a use for those wire CD racks now that no one buys CDs anymore. Re-purpose them to hold your Tupperware lids. ~ possible idea for tuperware lids.

Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.: Refill the Bath

How to Clean Your Bird Bath without Scrubbing

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths

Studio Décor® Collage Collection Dimensional Frame, 6 Openings

6-Opening Collage Frame, 4" x 6" By Studio Décor®

Contemporary light weight plastic black frame has 6 individual frames connected to create a dimensional or layered look.

Studio Dƒécor™ Collage Collection 6- Opening, 4" x 6" Frame, Black

6-Opening Collage Frame, 4" x 6" By Studio Décor®

This fancy collage frame set comes with hanging hardware attached for easy hanging. This collage frame set can be hung horizontally or vertically, whichever fits your room the best.

Studio Décor® Expressions™ 6-Opening Collage Frame

Walnut 6-Opening Collage Frame, Expressions™ By Studio Décor®

Display six of your favorite photos in this walnut colored tabletop collage frame.

Solar Color-Changing Hanging Flower Ball

Solar Color-Changing Hanging Flower Ball is an elegant decoration for an outdoor space. This translucent flower ball slowly changes from shades of red to green