Totem pole project to use with Northwest Native tribes.

This is an awesome totem pole project for Native American unit. I would use this project only AFTER teaching my students about the significance and meaning of totem poles in Native American cultures.

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest

collaborative (nw style) totem poles, with book integration Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash

printables totem poles

Jan 2 A Sketchnote from NAEA's Webinar Series on Mindfulness in the Art Classroom

Aboriginal Cultures of Canada

Aboriginal Cultures (First Nations) of Canada Inquiry Based Unit

Do you teach Social Studies in Canada? Do you teach about Aboriginal Cultures? It contains a variety of activities to meet your curriculum (especially if you teach grade 4 in British Columbia)!

free printable children's totem pole patterns | Totem Pole

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Good Night World Board Book with Northwest Coast Native Art by various Aboriginal Artists.

This top selling board book is just so lovely. Vibrant colours and gorgeous North West Coast Art are a delight to look at. A great introduction to the rich cultural heritage on the West Coast. Available at Dilly Dally Kids.