Robynne Eagan

Robynne Eagan

Robynne Eagan
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The Haunted Smart Mirror

This is a demo of a smart mirror "experience" made specifically for Halloween. It involves a smart mirror, Alexa, a custom Alexa skill, and some use of the P.

The Cyber Omelette: From the Vault: Arduino Night Writer.

Night Writer About four years ago, I invited some friends over to try to turn a remote control car into something programmable.

Christmas tradition Holly's magical mistletoe

Hollys Magical Mistletoe A Christmas Kissing Tradition Mistletoe illustrated book and fun activity for couples and families -- Find out more about the great product at the image link.

The Cyber Omelette: Turbo Press - The Aeropress Pour Over

Most of the projects on this site are created with a cup of coffee immediately in reach, and my favourite way to make coffee is with an Aero.

image of Wedding Ideas

Luggage tags feature a clear strap, rounded corners, a fun design and a fill-in-the-blank address card to slip into the clear sleeve on the reverse side.