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Although pitching isn’t the only way freelancers find paid work, it’s an important skill to master.  As much as I’ve tried to avoid it over the years, pitching in some way, shape or form is a large component of my freelance business and something I need to continually practice and improve at.
Many people are drawn to freelancing because of the lifestyle and career freedom it affords. However, the lack of stability can be stressful.  During this pandemic, some freelancers have watched their work shift or outright disappear, prompting an urgent need to find new ways to earn an income.  Even those who haven’t noticed a significant impact on their workload are facing uncertainty, unsure if the work will continue.
In any crisis situation we have to make choices, which will impact our future freelance business—although we may not be sure how.  Many of us have seen contracts cancelled, clients bail and projects put on indefinite hold. So how should we respond?  Here are three suggestions for how freelancers can respond to crisis in a proactive way.

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Whenever the Olympics come around I find myself transformed from someone who barely pays attention to the majority of sports into someone who analyzes the ins and outs of a diving position and becomes an expert at all things balance beam. And while it’s fun to transform into an armchair athlete and judge, these Tokyo 2020 Olympics are also inspiring somewhat deeper thoughts.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made headlines this week as he launched Blue Origin NS-16 just past the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. On July 20, Bezos and three other crew members spent 11 minutes above the Kàrmàn Line, which is the internationally-recognized space border at 100 kilometres altitude.
Everyone’s opinion of and experience with purity culture often comes down to when and where they grew up. And what denomination they were in. For example, those who were teens in the 1990s had the unique reality of being there for the beginning of this conservative movement. They lived through the hype, the intensity and the eventual deconstructing of what it means to be pure in an impure culture.

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Abbotsford’s natural location nestled between prairies and mountains boasts many interesting walks and hikes for all experience levels. Urban parks and forests are well-maintained and offer easy access for afternoon strolls and picnic lunches. Sumas Mountain presents more challenging terrain for adventure seekers and experienced hikers.
For five years Masa and Yukiko Shiroki have farmed rice paddies in Abbotsford. In the summer if you venture behind EcoDairy off Sumas Way, you’ll find the husband and wife team knee-deep in the flooded fields, weeding. “It’s day-in day-out weeding until September,” said Masa.
The team at The Reach let me see the bones of the exhibition before the unveiling, which helped me figure out what to expect at an opening reception.  First of all, it’s not as scary as I imagined. The staff and volunteers are warm and friendly. Special Events and Marketing Co-ordinator Cherlandra Estrada even took the time to show me around and explain the difference between gallery and museum exhibits.

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I have created this project two ways. If you’re a knitter simply take some stash yarn, cast on 20 stitches and knit in the round for approximately 60 rows. Then decrease, weave in ends, and stuff the open end with batting. Use your extra yarn around the horn as well as to anchor it to the hat.  But for those who aren’t knitters, here’s a helpful hack to make this quick costume idea even quicker! (I know, can it be possible?).
Marbling. It’s not like I knew the term, but at some point I figured out how to mix nail polish and drizzle around the envelope in a marble-like pattern. Soon I spent more time on the envelope than the actual letter.  So you understand my excitement when I came across multiple tutorials for DIY marble crafts. I was overwhelmed by nostalgia. I can’t wait to find ways to add these to my home/office/life.
Pinterest is filled with tutorials for tulle projects and after a few hours of browsing images, reading tutorials, and trying different styles of tulle flowers I chose my favourite method: the easy way.  I can’t point to one tutorial because I chose a combination, which I found the most straightforward. I’ve outlined the steps in the image and at the end of this post, I’ll link to three tutorials I found inspirational.

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