Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris - "Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior", 1923 This is an incredibale painting.

tom thomson

The West Wind, Northern Lights Autumn's Garland The Phantom Tent Pintor canadiense cuyo nombre completo es Thomas John Thomson (Cana.

J.E.H. MacDonald (1873-1932), Canadian / Lake O'Hara (1929) / Art Gallery of Ontario

Canada's Group of Seven: kings of the wild frontier - in pictures

artgalleryofontario: Lake O’Hara, 1930 J. MacDonald (Canadian) Painting, oil on canvas, x cm The Thomson Collection © Art Gallery of Ontario

The Group of Seven was founded in 1920 as an organization of self-proclaimed modern artists. With their bright colours, tactile paint handling, and simple yet dynamic forms, the Group of Seven transfigured the Canadian Shield, the dense, northern boreal forest, and endless lakes, into a transcendent, spiritual force.

050215 ~ 051814 Wild Mustard ~ "Wild Mustard, Brockville," A. Jackson, June oil on wood, x National Gallery of Canada.

A. J. Casson Northern Church

AJ Casson love this painting but colouring is photo is totally off