Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr Number 4 Other players played longer or put up better career numbers, but no player in NHL history was as dominating or as talented as Robert Gordon Orr.

Al MacInnis, Calgary Flames

Al MacInnis, Calgary Flames - My third cousin

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Logo - A senator head facing forward with a cape flowing behind

the Staal brothers

Well now that Jordan plays for the Hurricanes, the first Rangers vs. Hurricanes game of the season should be interesting. I think they should bring Jared into that game as well! Eric, Jordan, and Jarad Staal vs. Go Rangers!

History Will Be Made - Bobby Orr

Big idea: there are no words/ history will be made. How it reinforces the big idea: campaign takes clips of old championships and plays them backwards and in slow motion. What aspects make it effective: slow motion, no voice-over.

Steve Yzerman 1997

Steve Yzerman, former captain of the Detroit Red Wings - hoisting the Stanley Cup

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Primary Logo on Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items.

The famed Ottawa Silver Seven Hockey Club | Hockey

The Ottawa Hockey Club "Silver Seven" (the original Ottawa Senators), 1905 Stanley Cup champions

Lanny McDonald 1989

Calgary Flames' Lanny McDonald raises the Stanley Cup in Montreal Thursday, May 1989 after the Flames defeated the Canadians.

1911 Stanley Cup Champions  Ottawa Senators

This picture is described as the "Ottawa Hockey Team, National Hockey Association Champions and Stanley Cup holders,