New photographs

Here I share my new images which are just getting out to be published. I have not shown new images for a while as I was not able to do a lot of work having two little kids but now I'm excited to show at least some new ones.
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Photo of a cute grizzly bear cub searching for mussels along the beach at low tide, British Columbia

Cute one year old grizzly bear pub feasting along the low tide line on mussels in Knight Inlet along the British Columbia coast, Canada.

Cute grizzly bear portrait in Glendale River, British Columbia, Canada.

Coastal grizzly bear poking his head above the water while swimming and fishing in Glendale River, British Columbia, Canada.

Spy hopping Orca Killer whale during sunset off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

A resident Orca whale spy hopping during sunset off the northern Vancouver Island coast in Johnstone Strait.

Surreal photo of a bald eagle sitting in heavy fog on a branch of the Great Bear Rainforest, BC.

Surreal photo of a bald eagle sitting in heavy fog on a branch of the Great Bear Rainforest, BC.

Transient Killer Whale Breach | Photo, Information

A fully grown transient killer whale (Orcinus orca) breaching after killing and eating a sea lion, the British Columbia Coastal Mountains add the perfect background to it.

Jumping pacific white sided dolphin, Broughton Archipelago, British Columbia, Canada

Always a highlight when we see some pacific white sided dolphins, especially when they playful and jump close to boats.

A northern resident killer whale pod (orcas) enjoying a beautiful sunset in a resting line in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada.

Selection of Killer Whale pictures (aka orca whale, orcinus orca), photos and free wallpapers (computer backgrounds), photographed by professional photographer Rolf Hicker.

Tranquil photo of a humpback whale spouting along the British Columbia coast.

Tranquility at the finest, humpback whale spouting in Queen Charlotte Sound along the British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada.