Soldier and Girl at Station — painting by Alex Colville

Alex Colville, Soldier and Girl at Station, Glazed tempera on hardboard, x 61 cm Alex Colville - National Gallery of Canada 23 April - 7 September 2015

Moon and Cow

Alex Colville Canadian / 'Moon and Cow,' oil and synthetic resin on hardboard / private collection, USA

Horse and Train

1954 - Alex Colville - Horse and Train. This work was inspired by two lines from the poet Roy Campbell: Against a regiment I oppose a brain And a dark horse against an armored train.


Alex Colville: Embarkation, Acrylic polymer emulsion of Panfibre wood particle board. Collection of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Woman on Ramp

Woman on Ramp 2007 Alex Colville Acrylic polymer emulsion on hardboard x cm A.Fine Art, on loan to the Art Gallery of Ontario

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