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Happiness not only makes us feel good, it helps us achieve more and respond to life situations differently. This makes our relationships, our thoughts and work pleasant.

Be happier :)

Inositol benefits include prevention of cancer cells, diabetes and better brain function. Improvement of mental disorders are also benefits of inositol.

5 Steps to Getting Your Teenage Daughter a Vibrator (Infographic) | RooGirl

A Vibrator for Your Teenage Daughter: Keeping Her from Having Sex Too Early

Amazing animals!

Did you know that if you’re running the wrong way, you can gain MORE weight instead? Knowing the ‘secret to running for weight loss’ will help you los

Top causes of death in the US

Database of world demographic info (including interactive cause of death map across counties)


Sharing just in case anyone else wants to read the article. Its pretty spot on and accurate


What do you need to know before you adopt a bunny rabbit? The Unconditional Love of Having a Bunny Among my menagerie of pets, I have a sweet rabbit named Peaches. He is a long floppy eared bunny, also known as a French Lop Rabbit.

Why an assault weapons ban won't work

10 Reasons Why the Assault Weapon Ban Could Backfire