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Le top des voitures drôles et insolites

All cars are not created equal. These are the strangest cars we could find. Big car, small car, shoe car, toy car - we have them all here.

La plus grande piscine du monde

San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. The world's biggest pool is located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in the central coast of Chile. This man made lagoon is metres long and 19 acres in size.

back to the future funny pictures

I soooooo wish i could! For Trump & all the other totaly evil assholes on Earth! I'd be jumping hither & yon through time like a cat on a caffeine/catnip high! But no condom! I'd sterilize them!

Don't touch my balls - olympics funny meme picture

In Honor of the Olympics, I Bring You Derp. Funny derp faces on Olympics athletes. Hilarious derp faces that Olympians make.