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an image of flowers and plants made out of paper
Plant Videos for Students
Collection of 12 Plant Videos for Kids that would be a perfect complement to a plant unit. Includes a brief description and suggested grade levels for each video.
the rainbow garden color sort is shown
Planting a Rainbow Color Sort - Pre-K Pages
color sort activity for preschool
how to grow asparagus the delicious vegetable that grows back every year
How To Grow Asparagus: Plant It Once & Harvest For Decades
How to make a paper seed pot for starting seeds indoors with kids Seeds, Outdoor, Seed Starting, Seed Pots, Paper Pot, Starting Seeds Indoors, Outdoor Learning
How to make a paper seed pot
seeds are displayed on a table surrounded by seed packets
100 Resources for Homeschool Nature Study Chickie & Roo Homeschool
an info poster with instructions on how to use the jar for sand and clay crafts
a person in an orange jacket with a blue backpack is standing in the snow and has his back turned to the camera
What to wear teaching outside
If you are going to try teaching outdoors in all weather conditions, you'll need to dress for all season comfort. In this post, I share what I wear teaching outdoors year-round in Canada. Read the blog for seasonal advice on what to wear teaching outside! #outdooreducation #outdoored #forestschool #natureschool
four handmade notebooks with plants and writing on them
Sisters Guild
Free printable garden notebooks for the kids by the ever inspiring Alice Cantrell
how to grow bread beans with kids in school and backyard gardens
How to grow broad beans with kids
Broad beans are an easy, nutritious and delicious crop to grow with young children in school or backyard gardens. They are cold weather crops, which means they grow well during the school year too!
red flowers with the words planting remembrance day pops
Planting Remembrance Day Poppies in your Outdoor Classroom
Plant Flander's Field Poppies this November 11th as a meaningful way to mark Remembrance Day with your class. #remembranceday #november11 #outdoorclassroom
the cover of storytelling in nature magazine, with images of various items on display
Invite Children's Imagination With Storytelling in Nature
Walking, working and playing in nature invites children’s imaginations to create stories that reflect their lived experiences, their wonders and their understandings of the world around them!
peas with the words how to plant peas with kids in green letters and pictures of peas
Top Tips For How To Plant Peas With Kids in BC
Gardening with kids opens up a wide opportunity to try new veggies and to grow your own favourites. Peas are an easy and reliable crop to start with, when growing a garden with kids. Peas picked right from the garden are incredibly sweet and with many varieties available to plant as early as February, a constant source of garden snacking through the growing season.
how to plant a rainbow garden in your backyard or front yard with lots of colorful flowers and vegetables
How to Plant a Rainbow Garden With Kids
Planting a rainbow theme garden satisfies the sensorial needs of children and visually improves the look of your garden. Get ideas and inspiration with these plant and crop selections for ornamental and edible rainbow gardens.